Most Probabaly Me! is an online repository of Asif Naqvi's selected works and for some random gibberish.

Random Gibberish

- with Mink Type


Weekend doodles

Fresh catch - Mae Klong Train Market

Past is a point of reference - not a place to live...

The World Around Me

Weekly doodle with Manhattan Darling

Lost on another planet

Where did You Go?

Check it out

Cupid & Psyche, Louvre

VSCO on iPhone

Weekend doodles

- with Bamboo Paper on iPad

Sights and sounds of Sri Lanka in 5-sec long clips - shot and compiled entirely on iPhone

One Tree

Drawn with Sketchology and rendered with Glaze on iPad

Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

360 + VSCO on iPhone

I see, feel, sense and notice

Morning Surprize

Way to interlaken

Unused artwork from Red Sea Expedition

I see a tiger.

Background from one of my watercolor painting series 'Xus' - c 1996


UI concept for a CD-ROM project - c 2000

Self & Senses

Audio loop composed in CoolEdit for a project but never got to use it - c 2002

Somewhere in Abbesses, Paris...

- with Bamboo Paper on iPad

Moment to Movement

From one of my mini-thesis projects at NCA - c 1997

Business as usual

I Write …

- with Goudy Old Style BT, Words by C. C. Carpenter II

As old as time

Clean Combustion


Perfection / Progress

Weekend doodles


Batucada Unlimited

Repeat pattern with letter 'y'


Corel Painter and Photoshop

Thinking in black and white? There are 1.07 billions shades of colors out there by the way


(noun) quality or state of being tranquil; calmness; peacefulness; quiet; serenity


Poster artwork - c 1996

Selected Works

Most Probably Me!

Selected works, profile and some random gibberish / 2014