Most Probabaly Me! is an online repository of Asif Naqvi's selected works and for some random gibberish.

Random Gibberish

- with Mink Type


You listen the music you like

Weekend doodles

Fresh catch - Mae Klong Train Market

The World Around Me

Weekly doodle with Manhattan Darling

Lost on another planet

Perfection starts with an honest intention to make things best but evolves into a meaningless exercise for self satisfaction

Where did You Go?

Check it out

Cupid & Psyche, Louvre

VSCO on iPhone

Weekend doodles

My Bike - with Bamboo Paper on iPad

Past is a point of reference - not a place to live...

Sights and sounds of Sri Lanka in 5-sec long clips - shot and compiled entirely on iPhone

One Tree

Drawn with Sketchology and rendered with Glaze on iPad

Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

360 + VSCO on iPhone

I see, feel, sense and notice

Morning Surprize

Way to interlaken

Unused artwork from Red Sea Expedition

I see a tiger.

Background from one of my watercolor painting series 'Xus' - c 1996


UI concept for a CD-ROM project - c 2000

Self & Senses

I composed this audio loop for a project but never got to use it - CoolEdit c 2002

Somewhere in Abbesses, Paris...

- with Bamboo Paper on iPad

Moment to Movement

From one of my mini-thesis projects at NCA - c 1997

Business as usual

I Write …

- with Goudy Old Style BT, Words by C. C. Carpenter II

As old as time

Clean Combustion


Perfection / Progress

Weekend doodles


Batucada Unlimited

Repeat pattern with letter 'y'


Corel Painter and Photoshop


(noun) quality or state of being tranquil; calmness; peacefulness; quiet; serenity


Poster artwork - c 1996

Selected Works

Most Probably Me!

Selected works, profile and some random gibberish / 2014